My Rainy Bike

It looks like the monsoons are beginning here, the first of the heavy rain spells began yesterday. Today’s been a bit brighter, but still, its more cloudy than usual.

I like the rains. Especially when it rains this way, rains in the late evening, clears up at night, cloudy mornings with the sun not too bright, motorbike all washed and ready for a new day.

I tend to get a bit lazy when it comes to washing my bike. Its a rather eye catching model, but I just get lazy and cant seem to get myself to wash it down every other day, or even every other week. I just let it gather dust day by day and wait for the rains. You can imagine what it must look like in the summer. Ever been to the Sahara? Well, if you have, you’d know.

My Bike

Well, here’s an old picture of the darn thing, taken when the bike was almost new. Its a lovely silver 150CC Bajaj Pulsar. Not one of those bikes you can look at and let your lower jaw hang loose, but it does the job. I like to ride a bit fast now and then, feel the adrenaline pumping and the wind flowing past… it makes me loosen up a lot, and this bike is good enough for that. Fast, relatively agile though with an un-necessarily large frame and fuel tank.

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