Covenant India website goes Live! ColoursAlive happy.

The entire ColoursAlive team working on the Covenant India Website were pleasantly surprised at the cheering that it received when unveiled at Covenant India’s Corporate Office in Chennai.

Covenant India is a HR Consulting firm that has grown exponentially over the last 5 years, from being a team of 3 in 2003 to a team of 115 in 2008. The entire organisation is perpetually pervaded with a spirit of bonhomie and coupled with enthusiasm towards their work.

ColoursAlive salutes their spirit, and enthusiasm and wishes that they don’t lose that ‘family’ attitude even when they’re a company of 1000.

Covenant India HR Consulting Website

2 thoughts on “Covenant India website goes Live! ColoursAlive happy.”

  1. Hi Susheel,

    Thank you very much for making our website very colourful and lively!
    ‘Colours Alive’ indeed!!

    Surely we won’t lose that family attitude!!

    Covenant India, Bangalore.


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