2 way syncing between Google Calendar and iCal

Now Google Calendar can sync with iCal. They’ve added iCal’s CalDAV support. So you can now sync upwards from iCal to gCal; that is, you can add an event in iCal and have it shown. Find out how to synchronise Google Calendar with iCal at their Getting Started page.

There are some issues though… According to Google:

  • Event reminders/alarms don’t currently sync between Google Calendar and iCal. Event reminders will only function according to the calendar settings of the application in which they were originally created.
  • When an event is created or modified in iCal, Google Calendar email and SMS notifications are not distributed at this time.
  • This feature (iCal File > New To do) will either be unavailable for selection or you’ll receive an error when selected.
  • It’s not possible to browse room availability or reserve conference rooms from within iCal. This feature is not supported by CalDAV.
  • For a small percentage of Google Calendars, a certain iCal bug will prevent your events from appearing inside the iCal application. We’ve notified Apple of the issue, and hope that they’ll fix it soon.

Well, now that does not help our notification issues… but atleast you can see what your schedule is going to be like. Hopefully Google and iCal will get these two apps working well together. I for one will be really happy when they do.

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