I truly, truly, truly do hate IE6

For all the bugs its given this world. For all the workarounds that have wasted our time. For all the jackass tricks that we have to work out to get our sites working for IE6 users. For the stupidity of not upgrading the browser to standards compliance over time … and in general, for making the internet look downright ugly and purposeless…

And as a result, I’ve vowed never to stoop low enough to put in any extra code just to make IE6 work like it should have in the first place. That’s for my own sites… If my clients want bugs fixed in IE6, well, that’s a different story. They cant turn their clients away…

Now you know why I truly, truly, hate Internet Explorer 6.


Here are some truly brilliant browsers, if you ever feel like using them (please do, they’re all free, much quicker and safer than Internet Explorer 6) :

Use any of them… Just dont use Internet Explorer.

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