One of those darn ‘tags’

Yes… It had to happen…

This would eventually stop expansion in some regions and cause them to start to recollapse. As they were collapsing, the gravitational pull of the collapsing region got smaller, it would spin faster – just as skaters spinning on ice spin faster as they draw in their arms. Eventually, when the region got small enough, it would be spinning fast enough to balance the attraction of gravity, and in this way disklike rotating galaxies are born.

From A Brief History of Time – The updated and expanded tenth anniversary edition by Stephen Hawking.

Why this passage? Because the ‘tag’ mentioned that I have to:

  • Grab the nearest book and go to Page 123
  • Skip the first 5 sentences
  • Post the next 3 sentences
  • Tag more people – Which I will gladly skip because the people I know would TArGet me (in a bad way) if I did such things to them…
  • And mention the person who inflicted this ‘thing’ upon me

I must admit… I did not expect the lines to make much sense… but they did. Thankfully so.

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