Reliance Netconnect Broadband Billing issues. An open letter.

The following is a letter that I am sending to Reliance Communication’s Service Assurance Cell, Chennai Nodal Officer, and Chennai Appellate Authority. The email IDs for which are: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]. You can read about how I’ve been paying for services without receiving a bill for the last 4 months, and how they have taken no action at all to resolve the issue, yet have closed the case on their side, indicating that the problem has been resolved.

Dear Sir / Madam,

So far I have had a very bad experience with your company’s billing department. I sincerly hope you are able to rectify this in the near future.

I have not received a single bill for my Reliance Netconnect Broadband connection right from the day that I first subscribed to your service (over four months). This has resulted in sudden deactivation of internet service to my datacard on two occasions, putting me through great inconvenience.

Though I first complained some time in early January about non receipt of a bill, the situation has not yet been rectified. Each month, the first indication that my bill’s due date has passed is a phone call from one of your collection agents stating that my bill date has not been paid.

Each time a complaint is taken, I am informed that I will receive a copy of my bill within 3-5 working days, but the bill does not come. On what basis then, am I to pay the amount you quote on the telephone? How am I to know the details of what I am paying for? I have, till date paid up the amount quoted to me just because I needed the internet re-connected. This time I assure you that I shall not make a payment till I receive a bill.

The operator on the phone tells me that your billing department states that the bill has been sent. They also say that  they called and spoke to me regarding this issue, but I have not received any phone call from any representative of your company. I urge you to look into the occurance of this mis-reporting that is happening as it is quite serious.

The latest of my complaints bears the number 121940180 which is a request for a bill to be sent to my postal address. I have also requested that you reverse ALL late payment fees that have been charged till date, and inform me of the amount; complaint number 121940279.

My next step, should I not receive an immediate response, will be to contact the Public Greviance Cell of the TRAI to inform them that your company has been negligent of standard billing and complaint-followup procedures.

My MDN Number is 0938xxxxxx0.
My Name is Susheel Samuel Chandradhas
My Address is

1xx, xxxxxxx Nagar,
Chennai – 600 xxx

My Phone Number is 9962028747.

I look forward to a speedy and permanent resolution to this problem.


Susheel Chandradhas.

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2 thoughts on “Reliance Netconnect Broadband Billing issues. An open letter.”

  1. i have the exact same grievances with reliance netconnect. do tell me if ur situation has improved.
    ~ dr anita jain
    uttar pradesh

    • Hi Anita,

      My situation has been resolved. Following my complaint, I received 2-3 phone calls assuring me that I would get my bills, and I did. I hope that I continue to receive them in the future.

      Looks to me that the only way out is to make a big noise. Try that and let me know if your case is fixed.

      Best wishes.


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