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New Business Travel website:

We have just launched the website Coromandel SAS is a company based in Colombia in South America. They are a comprehensive Business travel and travel services company. Coromandel SAS aims to bring about a shift in the travel services paradigm in Colombia. Mr. Mano Chandra Dhas, is bringing his extensive travel and business travel experience from companies like BTI and Emirates from UAE to the Colombian city of Bogota.

Multilingual features

The website itself is a multilingual website that was originally handled by Drupal. It has gone through various iterations over the years. Currently, both versions of the website: in English and Spanish, are running off static HTML. It keeps the website response time fast and keeps the website itself light. Sitemaps are also generated for each language version.

Multilingual Travel blog

However, the Coromandel SAS Travel Blog is a different matter entirely. The Coromandel SAS Travel blog is also multilingual. However, this part of the website is run on WordPress. WordPress is probably the obvious choice when it comes to blogging tools, given the power, flexibility and ease of use that it embodies.

The content will be based upon Mr. Chandra Dhas’s extensive experience. It will be centered around the idea of sharing knowledge and having a conversation with others interested in the field. Eventually we feel that it will become a resouce that travellers can make use of for years to come.

Leave feedback

Do take a look at the website and leave your comments below if you feel that we could make any improvements. We are open to any suggestions, and would love to hear your opinion on the design, structure, and content of the website. Feel free to contact Susheel for this purpose. Don’t be shy now…

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