Premiere Pro Project file not opening after Premiere Software update

So, Adobe passed out a little update in the December of last year. That innocuous little update (12.0.0) messed up my work for quite a while. Files that I’d worked on just hours before didn’t open anymore. Library files were not working. Essential Graphics Templates that I’d been using didn’t work. Instead it showed the red “media offline” screen. I couldn’t import the files from Adobe After Effects either. It said that I should install a licensed version of AE. WTH!? I already had one. And it was already running on my computer without issues, so why was Premiere throwing this error? The usual (and most popular) fix that I found on the internet was to open a create a new project in Premiere Pro and then I was stuck! Big Time!

It look me a while to work through how to fix it. A couple of weeks. I thought it was my computer first. I thought my upgrade to Windows 10 had messed up my installation of Premiere Pro (I’d upgraded just a week before but everything was working fine). Yes, it didn’t make sense, but any port in a storm, right?

So I did a hard ‘reset’ on windows 10. My windows 10 upgrade was not a clean install, so I figured that this would be a good opportunity to start off with a clean slate.

BAM! Fresh windows 10 install! Thankfully I don’t keep many personal or work files on my OS drive. Still, I managed to lose a few client files – I found out about that just today. Fresh Adobe CC install, fresh Premiere Pro CC install. Open up my Premiere Pro Project file, and what do I see? It tells me that my file is damaged or corrupt. SHIT! This had happened to me before, and I knew from experience that the Adobe Customer Support would not be able to help me. I had to figure this out for myself.

Loads of web surfing later, I found out two potential fixes. One seemed to have the potential to fix my libraries connection issue.

Rename the “Creative Cloud Libraries” folder located under "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Creative Cloud Libraries" and load the project again.

I figured that the other issue with After Effects files not importing, and templates not loading up may be something related to the Dynamic Link Server, so I found out that the best way to get that reset was to:

  1. Refresh account information (Ctrl+Alt+R) and then log out of Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App
  2. Open Task Manager and ensure that all Adobe related processes were shut down. I tried just restarting the computer, but that seemed to have no effect.
  3. Execute the previously mentioned libraries fix
  4. Restart an adobe app, preferably Premiere Pro CC, and log in when asked to.

Voila, your previously broken project file should work.

Apparently these are standard fix procedures that Adobe Software users should know of. Weird!

That’s it. I hope it helps you back on track.

UPDATE (October 2020): It appears that some of these issues may have been related to the speed of the file save, and load. Adobe support suggested using an SSD. I wrote an article about setting up SSDs for photoshop and lightroom on my photography website. Do take a look.

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