Talking … Just To Hear My Own Voice?

I was first fascinated by audio recordings when I bought a Zoom H4n for live audio recording. The idea was to be able to record voices in good quality when making interviews. Exploring its capabilities, I was struck by the difference between my voice as I heard it daily, and what I heard through the microphone.

In the years that have followed, I’ve developed an intrigue for microphones, headphones, audio recording tools, plugins and audio equipment.

In the course of making videos on a weekly basis for my clients, I also constantly explore how I can process their recorded audio better, and master it for output while keeping it pleasing to the ear.

It’s no wonder then, that over the years I’ve also explored recording my own voice to understand how it sounds. Though I don’t think much of it as a voice to listen to, it’s my voice. The only one I’ve got.

When I discovered that I may also have something to say … especially when in conversation with my friends, I decided to put together these recordings into a podcast. With a long time friend, co-conspirator and workout buddy, Rohan Tharyan to co-host the show, The Sliding Doors Podcast was born.

If you’re interested in hearing more about my journey of learning what I do, and how to do it better, chat with friends, about my interests and more, look up the podcast on your favourite podcast platform, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or even watch the video episodes on YouTube.

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