About ColoursAlive


Founded as a Graphic & Web-Design Agency

After working for clients such as Marry Brown, Real Image Media
Technologies, Qube Cinema, Covenant India, Ampa Skywalk, Vulture
Creek, Pashin India Consulting and others, in the fields of web
design predominantly, we felt a strong call back to our
fundamentals… Capturing images.

Back To The Source

In 2015, there was a strong pivot to providing photography and
video services, after having done so as a supplementary service since 2011.

We believe that being able to provide video and photography
services with the strong graphic design and advertising
background allows us to communicate better.

Current Day

From Strength To Strength

Today, ColoursAlive aims to help medium sized enterprises to
communicate with their audiences over a variety of platforms.
From Satellite TV, to YouTube, to other social media, we have
extensive experience in conceptualising, creating, and deploying
content and content strategies for our clients.

With hundreds of videos published as of today, and millions of
views accrued, we only look forward to reaching out to more
people. We hope that you would like to join in our quest.


In-House Studio and Edit Facilities

Having two spacious studios (Fortune Studios) always
available to us allows us to execute ideas with relative
ease both in the photography and film production

This has enabled us to produce hundreds of videos for
our clients over the last few years, and we’re hungry
for more