Susheel Chandradhas – Photographer’s Profile

Susheel Chandradhas Portrait circa 2012
Susheel Chandradhas

Meet Susheel Chandradhas, a talented photographer, filmmaker, and writer based in Chennai, India. With a passion for photography that dates back to his school years, where he studied photography and image retouching outside school hours. Trained as a photographer and graphic designer in college, Susheel has been a professional photographer since 2007, after a stint in the creative side of the advertising business, and has built a successful career in the industry ever since then…

Educational Background

Susheel received his bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from Loyola College in Chennai in 2003, providing him with a strong foundation in the principles of graphic design, advertising, visual storytelling, and communication.

Since then he has honed his skills and knowledge, through years of practical experience in the field, choosing to specialise as a product photographer, and grow his video production company – ColoursAlive.

Starting ColoursAlive

As the founder and owner of ColoursAlive, a visual-imagery and video production company, Susheel specialises in product photography, commercial photography, and corporate filmmaking.

Based in Chennai, ColoursAlive has been in operation since 2007 and has established a reputation for delivering high-quality work for clients in a range of industries.

Other Endeavours

In addition to his work at ColoursAlive, Susheel is also the owner and writer at Beyond Photo Tips. On this website, he writes in-depth articles about photography, and shares his knowledge and insights with a broader audience of amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts. He is also a staff writer at His work has been recognised and featured in various publications, over the years. Susheel is known for his technical skills, creative vision, and attention to detail in his photography.

Get In Touch

Whether he is capturing the art of parkour, the detail in a product, or the expanse of an industrial facility, Susheel’s work is always infused with his love of photography and dedication to capturing the perfect image. If you are in need of professional photography or video production services, look no further than Susheel Chandradhas and ColoursAlive.


Susheel enjoys a challenge, so he’s up for any type of photographic work. However, he specialises and thrives in certain fields. These fields are the main focus of his work at ColoursAlive.

  • Product Photography – Studio and Lifestyle
  • Corporate Photography and Videos
  • Industrial Photography
  • Action/Sports Photography