Video Production Services

The world has moved on from reading to watching videos. No matter where you are, you’ll find someone on the verge of pulling out their mobile phone to catch up on the latest episode of the serial they’re following, the latest Tik-Tok, Instagram, or Snapchat trends, or the latest video uploaded by their favourite YouTuber. It’s time to make sure that you’re not left behind.

Bring your brand up to speed by sharing your values, ideas, and products with a fast-paced audience that has no time to waste, in the form of quick and informative videos. Whether it’s a single video, or a video campaign spread across a few months, we’re here to help you get your message across.

Video Production

TI Cycles Product Videos Playlist

ColoursAlive provides video production services for your brand’s growth. Whether it’s your Corporate Profile, an educational explainer video, a product or service launch video, an event’s curtain-raiser video, or just a series of short videos for instagram reels, we can do it. We can produce an attention-grabbing video that will grab your audience’s attention, and get your message across to them.

With a background in Advertising, Design, and Photography, we have the skills and the aesthetic sense to create videos that will leave a mark.

Watch our showreel to see some of our work.

Our In-house Facilities

  • Two in-house studios with multiple background options. From full-length white background shoots, to space for set construction, to table-top areas for product shoots, macro shoots, and more.
  • In-house editing facilities powered by the latest in software editing tools.

Video Production Services

Digital video production techniques allow us to create a wide range of videos with very targeted intent. Our skill in these formats makes your videos more effective. Here are a few video formats that we can effectively leverage to get your message across.

  • Company Profiles / Corporate Videos
  • Television Commercials for HD (High Definition), or SD (Standard Definition) telecast.
  • Product Videos (Launch video, Promo Video, Usage Tutorials, Demo videos, and more…)
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Videos for Web, Products and others.
  • College Student Profile Videos.
  • Explainer Videos
  • Sales / Marketing Presentations
  • Presentations (Audio Visual Presentations are made more visually engaging)
  • Staff training / Induction and Safety videos
  • Event Videos (Corporate and Professional)
  • Corporate Communications Media (Company Promotional / Brand videos)
  • Business Investor Relations / Financial Results Presentation film
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animations
  • Corporate Event Videos
  • Corporate Marketing DVD
  • Online Web Videos
  • Viral Ad Campaigns

From concept to pre-production, the actual production, and right until post-production, you can rely on us to understand what your audience needs and deliver it to you. Time after time.

YouTube Videos & Videos for Social Media

Since 2011, we have made videos specifically intended for YouTube. These initial videos were made with limited resources, but they have met and exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Over the years, we’ve made multiple video series intended for YouTube. Some of these include series of videos for Chennai Parkour,,, Parkour Circle, and Prodigal UPG (UK), as well as educational videos for TI Cycles, Scanbo, and many, many more.

We also have significant experience in creating videos ads that are targeted towards audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Email us for a selection of these videos.

Corporate Videos

We’ve made corporate videos and presentations since before 2010. Whether it’s a simple AV presentation, or a complicated video involving the shooting of your various corporate and factory locations, and interviews with key personnel, we are able to comfortably manage all of this. The end result is a video that showcases your company, and processes, in an effort to lift your brand to the next level and share it with clients, old and new.

Corporate video playlist. from ColoursAlive

High Quality, High Definition Videos

Today’s technology allows us to start at a very high quality of visual imagery and move upwards from there. We use a range of photographic and cinematic equipment to deliver imagery and edits that, not-so-long-ago were reserved for the elite. No matter what your budget is, you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality HD videos from us. However, if your needs are even more specific, we are happy to accommodate any specific request that you may have.

Budget Videos

A low budget needn’t always mean low quality. Of course, it means compromises. But need you compromise on every single aspect? We don’t think so, and we have been told that we’re cost-effective. We believe that you should be able to expect a rather high level of quality in your finished videos, and we’ll do whatever we can to help your budget videos stand out in a crowd.

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