iPhone… or do i?

Apple’s brand new ‘revolutionary’ iPhoneApple has revolutionised the phone… really? The guys at Engadget don’t seem to think so. They’ve got a long list of things that they think Apple did wrong.

We’ve all heard about the great things that the iPhone can do… now we hear about what it cant!

But first, a recap of the headlines… What Apple did right!

  1. Designed something that looks way cooler than anything else on the planet, yet…
  2. Got all of the mobile devices you would need, and bunched them into one sleek package.
  3. Gave this thing an interface that could have great potential in many different applications.
  4. Made everything upgradable simply by running everything off OS X (software is so much easier to upgrade than hardware).
  5. Made this sleek, shiny iPhone almost completely scratch proof.
  6. Gave it a display that was usable in direct sunlight
  7. Gave it full-screen video and Coverflow

Now, the things where I think Apple may have goofed…

  1. Non-replacable battery with low lifespan. Wow! Apple says that you may have to replace the battery at between 300-400 recharges… Not good! With battery drain likely to be much higher than a conventional mobile phone, its likely that this would mean changing the battery about 8-10 month’s down the line. Not a very nice thought when it also means that you’ll have to send it in to Apple.
  2. No Copy and paste for text. What a bummer! You’ve got the internet, mail and other applications that you can use… but you cant interface the two… Now, I personally think that this will be resolved, as will most of the other minor issues that iPhone has at the moment… but as of now, it is a real problem.
  3. Not have video recording on a phone with a 2 Megapixel camera.
  4. Enrage a lot of people by having a cutting edge communications device run on a slow protocol like EDGE and expect full-fledged websites and streaming video to work.

iBelieve – and that’s all I’ll say for now. Still, I’m going to wait and bide my time till iPhone 2.0 comes out. Remember, never buy the first version of some techno gimmickry… if you cant wait for version 2.0, atleast wait for their first update!

I can wait… I can wait… I can wait… maybe!

Here are some iPhone reviews by people who’ve touched and felt the blessed things…

3 thoughts on “iPhone… or do i?”

  1. 1. iPods are the same. Yet, they can still be user-replaced. NBD!
    2. Software can be updated. I run Software Update on my Mac now and then which actually updates things. NBD!
    3. See 2.
    4. Yea, this sucks but it isn’t really Apple’s problem is it. It’s the carrier. To reach the most people, they had to go with the largest carrier.

  2. Hi q,

    I’m certain that most issues quoted here will be resolved before long… as I’ve mentioned, I think that having everything upgradable by software is one of the best things that they could have done, but I’m still waiting until the next one comes out!

    Thanks for visiting! Do stop by again…

  3. Hi Susheel,

    As you have decided, I’m gonna to wait till the next gen iphone comes in. Since they have already designed the next model. It won’t take long for them to launch it. But I heard rumours of a 3G model, gonna be released soon for other regions than US. Will update you on this…


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