I love my Genius

I’ve been using iTunes 8 (Look at what’s new)for a couple of days now, both on my Mac and my PC… and I’ve found that the selection of music that it brings up is rather diverse playlist.

Now, my playlists have a number of songs that I play really often, and others that I play rarely, if at all… When I select a song that I like and press the Genius button, iTunes brings up a playlist that seems to based on the kind of song that was selected, similar in terms of genre of music, or artist, but varied in terms of BPM (Beats Per Minute), my rating of the song, and the number of times the songs have been played. I’ve beeing using this feature for a while now, and its only created playlists that have been interesting. So far, its never mixed up genres, or moods (and I have a varied set of music ranging from Classical to Pop to Classic Rock to Metal).

Genius does list out my music and upload it to Apple’s servers, but presumably this is in order to match the music together and to provide me with suggestions in the accompanying Genius bar on the side. However, when I log in to the Indian iTunes Store (which does not sell music), the bar helpfully suggests that it close itself, because there are no suggestions from my country’s store. I just wish that they start selling music on the Indian store, instead of just iPhone Apps.

Good going, Apple.

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