So, i’m going to buy meself a point’n shoot

Small CameraYes, you heard me right. I’m looking out for a tiny, pocket sized, point-n-shoot digital camera. I’m looking for something that’s easy to operate, that lets me shoot at high ISOs (because I like to) and that has a manual mode that is not too difficult to operate.

Durability is a factor too, because, you see, this is going to be IN my pocket almost all the darn day… and that’s not a very safe place, especially when I’m in the middle of a photoshoot. Resolution is a factor, though not so much… anything over 5MPX should be fine…

Any Suggestions?

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  1. Excellent idea. I keep a pocket camera with me almost all the time, especially since carrying a SLR can be a bit cumbersome. I shoot the 6 mp Canon Powershot SD630 and it performs beautifully.

  2. Thank you Trish, I’ve been using borrowed Canon Pocket cameras for a while, and I’ve found that some of my nicest photographs have come out of these… not for the quality, or the composition, but for the fact that I have it on hand when I see something interesting…

    I’ll give the Powershot SD630 a look-see.

  3. The Fuji Finepix F31fd is an excellent low-light shooter, but for physical refinement, the Canon G7 is hard to beat (if you like dials like I do). You do need a BIG pocket for the G7, though – it’s kinda big.

    Nice photo, BTW. =)

  4. Hi Johann,

    I do like dials… and I do like low light… Looks like you’ve given me two good cameras to look into. Will do that.

    oh! I certainly would like to claim ownership of that photograph, but I didn’t take it. If you click on the picture, you’ll be taken to the flickr page of “The Johann Espiritu”, a good photographer…

    Oh, on second glance, its you… 😉


  5. Do put a review once you’ve decided and also rate the others that you may have considered. I’m looking for one too! I’m looking at the Leica C Lux2. What do ya think?

  6. Hi,
    Could you suggest a digital SLR? My son is bent on getting a Nikon D40 or a Canon 400D. Your opinion on these would be really helpful.
    Thanks 🙂


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