What’s your Talisman?

What’s your Talisman?

October 5, 2010 Life, Web 0

Talisman Tattoos LogoTalisman Tattoos is a cool place to hang out at… New Shop, but with Chennai’s first professional tattoo artists. Amar and Nisha have been around for ages, first tattooing at Irezumi and now in their very own all-new-boutique, Talisman. Both Amar and Nisha are respected for their talent and have tattooed a number of celebrities (though they’re not at liberty to say who), and have clients who regularly visit them from far of parts of the country: even from Mumbai and Delhi.

Talisman has a promo offer happening till the 8th of October. If you book an appointment before then, you can get a sweet 20% off on your tattoo!

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