ColoursAlive is Hiring…

ColoursAlive is on the lookout for efficient video editors. Do you know anyone? Get the details here:

2023 Update:

Over 10 years later, I’m updating this post on 15 May, 2023, and we are once again on the lookout for talented individuals who are able to work creatively and efficiently with us as a team. If you want to know more about ColoursAlive, visit our about us page.

We’re a small video production house, and product photography studio that specialises in a few types of videos and photographs, aiming to excel at these types of images. If you are also interested in these fields, I invite you to join us today.

We are looking for Video Editors who are proficient in corporate video editing but we also work on fun youtube videos on the side. We are also looking for Photo Retouchers who are fast, and can turn around eCommerce images with a high level of perfection quickly…

Join us and let’s find out what we can do together.

Susheel Chandradhas

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